How to Solve the Debt Crises
Simple Ideas to Save America

national debt

"To solve the debt crises you must increase revenues and decrease expenditures. The problem is that Republicans and Democrats have partisan battles over how to accomplish these two things. In order to do this you must be creative, be disciplined and have controls. Below are nonpartisan answers." - The Editor

Charge Advertising to Rename American Fixed Assets or Natural Resources
America has a vast amount of fixed assets (real property) and natural resources. Government should charge an advertising or sponsorship fee to rename government structures or land. This is what professional sports teams do with their stadiums to raise revenue and the United States government should do the same. It could be done for a fixed period of time (ten years) and it would also bring foreign cash into the United States. You can rename roads, bridges, parks, buildings.... Read More

Allow Patriotic Americans to Donate Money to America
Allow patriotic Americans to donate money to America. They would have a choice of where to direct their money. They could direct money to the military, social programs or directly to pay down the debt. Contributions would not lower amounts appropriated to social programs or to the military. Contributions would be 100% to debt / or 50% to military and 50% to debt / or 50% to debt and 50% to social programs. There is no tax break for the donation or come up with ideas for a tax break. An idea maybe to possibly give a deduction to reduce death taxes for the donations so family members would receive a benefit when the taxpayer passes on. It is way for someone to benefit their country as well as their family.

Riders over $100,000 attached to Spending Bills must have 2/3 approval
Lawmakers attach riders to spending bills for all types of outrageous spending projects. This is one of the greatest causes of government waste and as well as out of control government spending. Everyone has heard of pork barrel projects such as the bridge built to nowhere. If a rider attached to a bill has a cost of greater than $100,000 it should be voted on separately and 2/3 majority of the House of Congress must approve the rider for it to be included in the bill. If 2/3 do not approve of the project - the rider is removed from the spending bill.... Read More

America Must Allow for More Drilling for Oil and Building of Refineries
By opening more areas in the United States to oil drilling - specifically Alaska- it gives income to the United States through leases to drill oil as well as if America could sell oil to foreign countries. This will also increase the oil supply - the law of supply and demand and speculation will cause the price of oil to drop. Currently - Americans spend $400 to $500 monthly for gas. The price of gas is currently down - because of the recession and people not working. It is the law of supply and demand. With people not working and driving to work - the demand for oil is down - so the price is down. If the economy grows (jobs are created) more people will start working and driving to work. The demand for gas will increase - therefore gas prices will go up and hurt the economy. It is one bad cycle.... Read More

Raise retirement Age to Receive Full Benefits of Social Security
The fact is people are living longer. It is estimated that the first person to live to 150 has been born. Medical advances are increasing. Raise the retirement age to 68. Also raise the age receive a smaller Social Security benefit to 65.

Reduce U.S. Post Office Deliveries to 3 Days a Week
Reduce U.S. Postal deliveries to 3 days a week. Have two schedules for delivery. Have one delivery schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and and another delivery schedule on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. By doing so - you could cut the number of postal deliverers in half. Americans communicate through e-mail, text messaging, bills are paid through automatic withdrawals... Do not replace retired or postal workers that quit and layoff management. Locations are currently being closed and more should close.... Read More

End Foreign Aid to Countries that America is in Debt to
If America is in debt to a country and is making payments on that debt - end foreign aid to that country. America is in debt to China and yet the United States sends China foreign aid money. This would be the equivalent of you sending your payment to your car company and sending them additional money that does not go to pay off your car loan - but to payoff the CEO of the companies private mortgage.... Read More

Reduce All Other U.S. Foreign Aid by 50%
America has a deficit in the trillions endangering its economic survival. American citizens are learning to live with less. Other countries are going to have to do the same. The truth is that most foreign aid gets wasted and goes to a very few elite in that country. These countries do not have capitalism as their economic system.... Read More

Cap Government Pension Payments at a Specific Dollar Amount
Cap government pension payments at a specific amount such as $8,500 per month. If an individual is receiving more than $100,000 a year in a pension payment and they cannot survive then they need to cut back. So here is one solution liberals should really like. Democrats are always in favor of raising tax rates. Raise the tax rate on pension plans so that any income received above $8,500 per month is taxed at 100 percent.

Replace all State and Federal Pension plans with 401k Plans
End all federal, state and city pension plans and replace them with 401K plans. Pension plans were created to attract good workers to government. This is no longer needed. There is a glut of over qualified workers that are unemployed. Government should not match 401K contributions, just allow government employees to contribute to private 401K plans.... Read More

Bring More American Troops Home by Closing Non Essential Overseas Bases
The world is more technology oriented. America uses drones, spy planes, satellites, the Internet and spies... Bring troops home and close some overseas bases. Place soldiers strategically across our borders randomly and in rotation to help stop illegal border crossings. These are soldiers and they can handle the conditions.... Read More

Close U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions in Friendly Countries
Close US embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions in friendly countries. Do we really need a US embassy in Canada? Can't there be a person in Washington handle any issues with a friendly country? Here is the list of consulates in Canada alone - there are eight (8): Ottawa Calgary Halifax Montreal Quebec Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg.... Read More

Sell Federal Buildings that are not Being Used
Sell federal buildings not being used and end any leases for property that is not being used. This is common sense and only government could not do something so easy. If you owned 10 buildings that were paid in full and not being used in order to bring in income rental to you and and you were facing a debt crises - what would you do? You would sell the buildings!

Privatize Government Activities that will not Compromise National Security
Privatize government activities that will not compromise national security. Privatize rest stops, parks, recreations, monument tours... Lease the operation to the highest bidder to run the operation. This will create income for the government and release from government obligations for salaries, health care, pensions...

End Federal Funding of NPR and PBS
End federal funding of NPR and PBS. This will not put an end to NPR and PBS. They will just have to hire advertising staff to sell advertising on their stations.

Require Volunteer Work to Receive Benefits for Food Stamps, Welfare...
Require volunteer work from individuals who receive benefits from government.

Reduce Federal Workforce by 10% Excluding Defense
In the private sector - businesses have learned to do with less and become more efficient to survive in the harsh economic times. Government should do the same. I knew of a sales assistant that worked at a construction company. When the economy took a downturn the office secretary was laid off and the sales assistant became the office secretary and had to also do her own job as sales assistant. A 10% reduction in the federal workforce excluding defense is no big deal.... Read More

End Ineffective Wasteful Government Programs
The OMB has something called the Program Assessment Rating Tool. It found 218 government programs that were either inadequate or ineffective in government--programs run by the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, HHS, Homeland Security, HUD, Interior, Justice, Labor, Transportation, Treasury, the VA, Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA, the CFTC, EEOC, and the FCC.... Read More

Close Airports with Low Airplane Traffic
Close airports with low airplane traffic, especially airports in close proximity to other airports....


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